Aristotle defined the concept of Eudaimonia as ‘the good life’.

Eudaimonia Magazine is about happiness, about choosing what you conform to. About art, books, poetry, using philosophy in the everyday, and educating others about the sheer EFFORT it takes to build a life. These lessons are taken from philosophers, psychologists and amazing people who have created incredible things and overcome the trap of egocentric thinking in order to bring more beauty and knowledge into the world.

 Ellen Wardle – Creator/Editor-in-Chief:


Photo by Alf Caruana


Graduated RMIT BA Creative Writing 2015

Currently works in Melbourne as a freelance writer and journalist.

Ellen has been creating website from a very young age. In 2013 she decided to create her first ‘serious’ blog as a means to document the things she was learning about herself and the world while struggling with a bout of depression. Her blog took a philosophical turn, though the posts were usually spur-of-the-moment thoughts and ideas. She is currently working on a novel and a collection of essays, while creating lifestyle-based posts consist with themes of psychology and philosophy for this website.